Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Awards Pulitzer Honors The Press Coverage Of The US Presidential Election

Honored Pulitzer Prizes, which are considered the most prestigious awards given to the American press, press coverage Monday that President Donald Trump challenged during the crucial presidential election campaign last year, and drew a strong message to defend the freedom of the press.

The announcement of the results of version 101 of these awards, which took place at Columbia University in New York, amid media exposure US attack from the White House and accused of fabricating "false news" about the new administration, and after the exposure of the press under heavy criticism after failing to anticipate Trump's victory.

David won Farnthold of the newspaper "The Washington Post" national coverage prize in honor of what he described as the prize board as "a model of transparent journalism" which questioned the assertions Trump Bschaih in charity work.

And conducted an investigation Farnthold not only Trump's claims that he does charity work but also revealed recording in 2005 Trump shamelessly boasts sexual Petrarch women.

During his campaign for the nomination of the Republican party, Trump said he raised $ six million dollars for veterans, but he stopped the distribution of that amount and only distributed about one million dollars only.

As well as it was awarded journalism Pulitzer Prize writer articles journalist Peggy Noonan of the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" in her honor on the "articles I wrote wonderfully and that brought readers to the American values during the election campaign, which has divided the American people have not seen the country by".

Medal was awarded the prestigious public service newspaper "New York Daily News" and the site "Brobbblaka" news survey in honor of them to disclose them for official abuse contained in the provisions of the evacuation of homes that have caused hundreds deprived of their homes, most of them poor minorities.

The awards were divided into 21 categories in the press, the arts, and letters.

- a pillar of democracy -

Official Pulitzer Mike Pride Awards said that "the awards represent the core values in two areas of independent investigations in public affairs, creativity, and craftsmanship in the novel America's story."

He explained in his introduction that included winning the press coverage challenged the "powerful and influential political institutions" and revealed "systematic abuse of people who do not have much hope of defending themselves."

It won the "New York Times" International coverage of the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin to impose his authority abroad, including murder and intimidation of online operations award.

And bring the US Congress on charges that Russia tried to tip the presidential election in favor of Trump.

Won a freelance photographer Daniel Berhok news photography award thanks to the images published by the newspaper "The New York Times," the "war on drugs" launched by the Philippines authorities.

And questioned the validity of what Pryde said that the era of newspapers has gone because of the decline in revenue from advertising, he said that the American press is witnessing a digital revolution era.

He added, "Because journalists are asking the facts may be annoying, they are usually an easy target for criticism. But if we stop and look at the societies that suppress the press realize that, despite its flaws, the active free press is still a pillar of democracy."

He told reporters later, "I will not give any views on the political scene and skill by saying that journalists need to continue what they're doing."

- violence, prisons, slavery -

And it awarded other prizes to the newspaper "The Times of East Bay Oakland" in California on breaking news of a fire in a warehouse where a party was held, killing 36 people and detect errors that could prevent the repair of the accident.

The journalist won Sa.jay Scheffers of the newspaper "New York Times" award for writing articles for an article about one of the elements of the Marines suffered from the consequences of his participation in the war in Afghanistan.

The newspaper won the "Chicago Tribune" award pictures of a boy ten years old survived the shooting suffered with his mother.

The newspaper won the "Charleston Gazette-Mail" award for the achievement of a survey of opium in West Virginia.

Won the "International Alliance investigative reporters" location "McClatchy" newspaper "Miami Herald" award in a series of articles on the survey "leaves Panama" which revealed tax shelters in the world.

The newspaper "The Salt Lake Tribune" won the award for the local coverage that revealed the harsh treatment suffered by victims of sexual assault at the University of "Pergamon Young" in Utah after police informing them about those cases.

He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the novel to Colson Whitehead for his novel "railway secret" that talk about slavery. He won Heather Anne Thompson about the history category for her book "Prison Uprising Latika 1971 and its legacy" award.

The only prize biography was awarded the Libyan author, born in New York Hisham Matar in his book "Return: fathers and sons of the middle ground."

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