Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Assault Sweden Port Admits Committing A "Terrorist Act"

Admitted to the Uzbek prime suspect in Stockholm who carried out an attack with a truck run over and killed four people dead, he committed a "terrorist act" as his client before the court announced Tuesday.

He said Johan Eriksson lawyer who cost him the defense authorities said Rehmat "Akilov admitted committing a terrorist act, and agreed to put him under remand prison" during the meeting, which was attended by his client but without which speaks as correspondent reported by Agence France-Presse.

The man entered the underground base in Stockholm court amid guard many of the policemen and their weapons while fully sealed off the roads leading to the building in front of the traffic, in unprecedented security measures in the Swedish capital.

It asked Judge Malo to Enblom him to reveal his face, which covered him and his vest did so and spoke with the help of an interpreter because he is not fluent in Swedish.

Then the meeting continued to be closed at the request of the public prosecutor and invited journalists to go out pending the court's decision. It is assumed that the suspect enters the prison awaiting him back to court to be tried.

It is suspected that Rehmat Akilov, who works status is illegal in Sweden, aged 39, carried out on Friday afternoon after a truck run over the attack in a commercial district in Stockholm, which resulted in four dead and 15 wounded.

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