Thursday, April 6, 2017

A New Government In Morocco After Six Months Of Political Stumble

Appointed Moroccan King Mohammed VI Wednesday members of the government, which will be headed by Saad Eddin Ottoman Vice President of the Islamic Justice and Development Party, and reflect up to the liberals who enjoy the confidence of the palace and marginalized Islamists.

The official state news agency MAP reported that King Mohammed VI appointed ministers in the government 39.

And ending the formation of the government politically troubled lasted six months since the legislative elections that took place on the seventh of October 2016 and won by the Justice and Development Party, which now holds 125 seats out of 395 in parliament.

The former prime minister secretary general of the party, Abdul Ilah Benkirane, the formation of the government-commissioned again after the elections, but the Moroccan monarch Aafah of the mission in mid-March / March for not being able to form a ruling coalition, and commissioned the Ottoman (61 years) instead.

The new coalition government, the AK Party, and its ally the Party of Progress and Socialism (communism) and the National Rally of Independents (liberals) and the Popular Movement and the Constitutional Union and the Socialist Union of Popular Forces.

Compared with the results recorded in the elections, the AKP received a relatively small number of important ministries.

Has been entrusted to him the Ministries of Transport (Abdelkader Aamara), energy and minerals (Aziz Rabah) and employment (orphan Mohammed) and family (Bassima Hakkaoui), according to the selection published by the official agency. But the party did not get a bag of justice that he wanted to keep no other strategy bags he aspired to it.

The sovereign bags which external and internal affairs and defense Vsislmha respectively Nasser BOURITA and Abdul Wafi for Vitit and Abdul Latif Odaa. The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has been entrusted to Ahmed Tawfik.

And it became a former interior minister Mohammad harvest Minister of Education.

The cost of the National Rally of Independents, a fourth solution to the Liberal Party in October elections with 37 seats, economic bags (economy, trade, and agriculture), which will continue to manage.

The re-appointed head of the National Rally of Independents billionaire Aziz Akhenouch, who is described as close to the Royal Palace and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

- "against the Justice and Development Party" -

The Benkirane faced difficulties in building a majority because of disagreements as the Akhenouch put several conditions for participation in the government.

Agreed Ottoman psychiatrist, former Foreign Minister (from January 2012 to October / October 2013), the demands Akhenouch especially the participation of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces in the new alliance, which was a red line with the Benkirane and other cadres of his party.

The media Akhenouch man palace. She wrote a weekly "Till-agent" that "Ottoman agreed without hesitation on the terms of its refusal Benkirane, with the support of his party. These conditions put Akhenouch and thus the palace."

He saw political expert Mohammed Madani in the sacking of Benkirane as a result of "five months of the process of establishing a balance by giving wide margin maneuvers Akhenouch who surrounded himself with a group of parties to surround the Justice and Development Party."

He told AFP that "property is trying to regain the reins and review the institutional map in which the Justice and Development Party, the dominant force does not remain."

And give rise to concessions made by the Ottoman debate within the Justice and Development Party, which weakened after the removal of its leader and the architect of electoral success after the historic victory in 2011.

Moroccan press wrote that "the Justice and Development Party Fortress began to fall apart," at a time "when influential figures inside do not agree to form a coalition government that was."

In Morocco, the ideological orientations of the parties, the thing does not mean much in the formation of alliances that are working under the king, who is above parties and have the upper hand at the diplomatic level, security and basic sectors of the economy care.

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