Friday, March 31, 2017

The United States: Clinton Fouls Trump For Wanting To Cut Diplomacy

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday criticized Republican President Donald Trump for proposing to cut the budget for diplomacy, slipping in a speech some hints at his own unfortunate candidacy.

"Some signals sent are very worrying," said Hillary Clinton, in apparently good shape, in front of a few hundred students at Georgetown University in Washington.
"The government's proposals for cuts in health, international development and diplomacy would be (...) a big mistake for our country," she said, leading the US diplomacy from 2009 to 2013. Donald Trump Wants to cut the budget by 28%, but the Congress will have the last word.
The Democrat said the refugees were "not just the problem of the others".

"I call on this government to continue its leadership role in promoting peace in the world because the world will continue with or without the involvement of the United States," Clinton said.
"In the complex and interconnected world that is ours, we can not just choose one or two subjects," she said. "Are we going to sideline, or continue to lead the way?"

She was speaking at an award ceremony in her name, rewarding four Colombians who had participated in the recent historic peace agreement, including three women.
She was greeted by an ovation from the students, who chanted: "Hillary! Hillary!"
Then the 69-year-old ex-candidate made a few winks in his campaign of 2016, throwing laughter without laughing "And here I am again rehearsing facts!". Or, repeating a ridiculous phrase of a councilor of Donald Trump: "That is the alternative reality".

Since its defeat, Hillary Clinton has not completely disappeared from the public arena. She has been seen enjoying her popularity in Broadway's major theaters and has spoken a few speeches lately Tuesday in San Francisco at a businesswomen's convention, Professional BusinessWomen of California.
"There's no other place I'd rather be - apart from the White House," she joked, before criticizing the women's absence in the Trump administration.

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