Friday, March 24, 2017

The Organization Of The Islamic State Adopts An Attack On A Russian Base In Chechnya

The organization of the Islamic state adopted an attack on a Russian military base in Chechnya behind the six dead in the ranks of the Russian security forces, according to the American Center website to monitor jihadist websites.

He cited a statement of the organization transferred website that six people were "attacked a military base of the National Guard of the Russian" in the northwest of the republic in the volatile Caucasus and fought confrontations with Russian soldiers "for several hours with light weapons and killed at least six soldiers" before being killed.

The Russian National Guard said earlier that six Russian soldiers were killed early Friday when militants attacked a group of their base in Chechnya, and six militants were killed in an armed clash was followed by the attack.

Russian forces and the National Guard, which was formed last year, is a new branch of the internal forces that defend the border and fighting extremism, which is direct to President Vladimir Putin and has bases in the restive North Caucasus regions, including Chechnya, are subject.

In a statement, the national army said the gunmen tried to storm the base in thick fog when at around 2:30 am local time (Thursday 23.30 GMT), but a group of soldiers Rsteke and shot them.

The statement added, "killing six of the attackers .. during an armed clash, and six soldiers were killed and others wounded."

He stressed that the militants were unable to enter the base.

Chechnya has seen two wars in order to split in the nineties of the last century and during the past years, the region has become more subdued in light of President Ramzan Kadyrov, who has ruled the region with an iron fist.

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