Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pyongyang Declares That The Rocket Fire Was Trained On The Hit US Bases In Japan

North Korea announced Tuesday that the launch of ballistic missiles process was trained to hit US bases in Japan at a time when, following international criticism of the communist regime, which has nuclear weapons.

Three rockets landed out of four were fired Tuesday in the exclusive economic zone of Japan located within 200 nautical miles (370 km) from its coast, in a new challenge to the family, the state, and US President George Donald Trump.

Trump said in a telephone "his country's commitment" to its allies in Japan and South Korea, according to a statement the White House.

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting Wednesday in this regard, at the request of Tokyo and Seoul.

And prohibit UN resolutions on Pyongyang any nuclear or ballistic program, but North Korean leader Kim Jong-un continues its military ambitions, despite the six packages of international sanctions against his country issuance.

The agency said the North Korean news agency that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally supervised the operation and is initiating.

He added that Kim Jong-un praised the unity "Hwasong" artillery rockets fired while he was watching the "paths of ballistic missiles."

The agency added that Kim "said the four ballistic missiles fired simultaneously very accurate so that they look like objects acrobatic plane in the process of formation."

"Removed from the map"
The North Korean agency added that the aim was to "hit the US imperialist aggressor troops in Japan in the case of emergency", which is evidence that the North was ready "to remove enemy forces from the map" through "nuclear strike without mercy."

He showed pictures published by the newspaper "Rodong Sinmun" Kim Jong-un as he watched the launch of rockets into the sky, a smiling, clapping along with other North Korean officials.

Spin questioned whether the firing of rockets practical response to North Korea's annual US maneuvers that always provoke the wrath of the South.

North Korea conducted two nuclear tests last year and a series of rocket fire. But Monday saw the experience for the first time rockets in the exclusive business area of Japan.

He says Choi Kang, an analyst at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies said the launch of the new rocket and a clear warning for Japan.

He continues, Kang said, "North Korea appears that the targets are no longer limited to the Korean peninsula, but can include Japan or even the United States at any time."

North and aspires to possess a ballistic intercontinental ballistic missile capable of paying a nuclear strike on the American continent.
The American President Donald Trump pointed out that North Korea poses a "major problem" and pledged to a "strong".

He said White House spokesman Sean Spicer Monday that Washington is taking measures to promote the "defense capabilities against North Korean ballistic missiles."

- Beijing's position -

Three years ago, is a former US president Barack Obama, the Pentagon doubled informatics attacks on North Korea to sabotage its missile tests, before or during launch, on the newspaper "New York Times" at the end of the week. And the failure of a number of far-launch tests.

The US military has started publishing system "Thad" anti-missile defense in South Korea to protect it from any attack from the North, according to the US command announced in the Pacific. And it reached the first elements of this shield Monday.

China vowed Tuesday to defend "vigorously" for security interests. The spokesman said Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang "will bear the United States and the Republic of Korea all the consequences that would entail that."

China considers that the organization "Thad" strong defense and radar contained in limiting the effectiveness of their systems for missiles.

The supermarket chain announced "Lottie" South Korean giant Tuesday having to shut down dozens of stores in China after the issuance of calls for a boycott in this country.

A spokesman for the group, said Chinese authorities have shut down 39 out of 99 stores owned by the chain, citing the concerns of the risk of a fire.

Employs "Lottie" range around 130 Chinese, but the continued closure of shops that could threaten nearly 5,000 jobs.

North Korea has made significant progress in developing its nuclear and ballistic programs.

But the questions still revolve around the extent to enable them to re-missile technology to the atmosphere, which is necessary to strike a blow to the very long-term goal, such as the United States.

The experts do not know to what extent advanced Pyongyang in the field of nuclear weapons Decrease to install it on a missile.

But Beijing's main ally and partner are still approved the deployment system "Thad" defensive in South Korea.

It only takes away from the nuclear ambitions of North. Recently it announced that it would stop importing coal from North Korea until the end of 2017, which would deprive Pyongyang of a key source of currency.

He said Acting South Korean President Huang Que that if the recent launch rockets process that could constitute an attempt to divert attention after the assassination of his half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Nam in Kuala Lumpur airport on February 13, which accuses Seoul Pyongyang of standing behind him.

And embarked on South Korea and the United States Wednesday of annual joint military course of maneuvering which it considers Pyongyang as exercises to invade its territory, while Seoul and Washington argued that it is defensive.

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