Thursday, March 23, 2017

Observatory: The Jihadist Factions Fighting Continues To Advance In Hama In Central Syria

Fighter factions, including jihadists on Thursday, made additional progress at the expense of the Syrian regime forces in Hama province in the center of the country as part of an attack launched two days ago, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Launched factions led by editor-Sham body (an alliance of Islamic factions, including Fatah al-Sham Front) Tuesday a surprise attack against the regime forces in the northern Hama.

And continuing ever since the violent clashes between the two sides on several axes, with a target missile sites factions of the regime forces, used warplanes.

According to the observatory for "new progress" Thursday to the editorial board of the Levant and factions allied control of three villages.

The factions are controlled since the start of the attack on 11 villages and towns, currently lies four kilometers from the city of Hama, the county seat, from the northeast, according to the Observatory.

The progress of opposition factions, according to the Observatory, despite the military reinforcements brought in by regime forces in the area to repel the attack, in which editor Sham body resorted to blowing up booby-trapped vehicles.

But Hama big special significance it adjacent to the five other provinces, which separates the province of Idleb (northwest) controlled by the opposition and the editorial board of Sham factions, and areas controlled by regime forces in the west of the country.

He said an AFP correspondent in the region said warplanes hovering in the atmosphere since the morning raids on areas controlled by the factions recently.

And the transfer of view of civilians was fleeing in cars carrying their purposes away from the fighting zones.

Fled the fighting in Hama in the past 24 hours ten thousand people at least, according to the organization "Save the Children" (a net Children).

This comes at a time held in Geneva a new round of negotiations between the government and the opposition Also retain under UN auspices in order to resolve a dispute caused since 2011, killed more than 320,000 people and the massive destruction and displacement and the displacement of more than half the population inside and outside Syria.

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