Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Talks About The Assault That Had Just Occurred In Sweden

President Donald Trump told his supporters on Saturday evening that the refugees receive is evidence that the risk of Sweden the country hospitable to refugees, was attacked on Friday evening. But the problem was that Sweden has not experienced such abuse.

Said Trump in an impassioned speech in Florida in which he defended his policy of anti-refugee reception "Look at what is happening in Germany, look at what the evening happened yesterday (Friday) in Sweden. Sweden, Who would have believed that? I had received a large number of refugees and now are having problems as He was notified in mind. "

He also noted in his speech to the attacks that took place in Brussels, Nice and Paris.

A spokeswoman for Trump to respond in a first stage to a query AFP on what the president said about Sweden.

Soon Sirte erroneous information posted on Twitter with Hashtag "yesterday evening in Sweden" and "an accident in Sweden."

Word former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt sharply on Trump's remarks and wondered "Sweden? Attack? Why smoked?" Trump.

And transfer Gunnar Hokmark European MP Swedish tweet to one of its citizens in which he said "yesterday evening in Sweden sandwich my son fell in the fire camp. It is sad."

He asked the deputy in the comments, "but how places (Trump) to know about it?".

Mocked another tweet from Trump titled "covert plan to attack in Sweden," accompanied by instructions on how to install the famous Swedish furniture company IKEA.

And he received the official site "National Soadn" which is being handled by citizen every week, about 800 questions on this in four hours.

Responded responsible for the site this week and is working in the library, a housewife, "No, nothing like this has happened in Sweden. Terrorist attack did not happen at all."

It is not the first time that members of the Trump administration refer to the terrorist attacks does not occur then it would At darn slip of the tongue.

In this context, Killian Conway indicated adviser Trump that invented the term "alternative facts," to what it called a "massacre Bowling Green" in an interview. And then later he said it was meant "the terrorists of Bowling Green" and two Iraqis in 2011, tried to send money and weapons to al-Qaida.

He also said White House spokesman Sean Spencer three times a week to the assault took place in Atlanta (Georgia) before he remembers that the attack took place in Orlando, Florida.

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