Monday, February 13, 2017

A Meeting Of The UN Security Council After North Korea Announced A New Experience For Ballistic Missile

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on Monday after North Korea's announcement of a successful test of a new ballistic missile is considered a challenge to the new US president Donald Trump.

Joined China and Russia, permanent members of the UN Security Council, to international condemnation of this recent experience that has near Goseong city in the west of the country Sunday.

And across the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "deep satisfaction" for the success of the experiment.

According to the official news agency of North Korea, Kim Jong-un over "for the severe satisfaction of owning another powerful way nuclear attack enhance the capabilities of the country's magnificent."

The UN Security Council will meet at 22.00 GMT at the request of the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

And prohibit UN resolutions on Pyongyang any activities Bmrtbth nuclear program or ballistic missile. Since the first Korean nuclear test, the North in 2006, the Security Council imposed sanctions on the six-time system, but without dissuaded from its nuclear ambitions.

South Korean Defence Ministry said the missile was fired Sunday from an air base in western North Korea and cut about 500 km towards the east before falling in the Sea of Japan, which he calls the North Korean East Sea.

North Korean television broadcast scenes of the rocket launch moment.

As picture shown published by the official news agency of North Korea's launch of the missile in the presence of Kim Jong-on smiling, and amid encouraging dozens of soldiers and scientists.

The agency said the North Korean leader "personally led the" preparations for the test, which comes to an end saying "missile surface-to-land between the average and the long-range type Bogoxong -2," adding it was "a new system of strategic weapons on the Korean way."

The agency said that the rocket engine solid fuel. Said an analyst at the Institute for Foreign and Security Affairs in Seoul, Yoon Duk-min said it allows the short time needed to refuel significantly compared with rockets, working on liquid fuel.

 "The biggest threat"

The analyst explained that the same monitoring satellites of this type of missile in advance when they were launched, the toughest, adding that "This leaves a short warning lead time for this form (the missiles), the biggest threat to the discount."

It is the first time that North Korea talking about "a Bogoxong -2" missile. It was announced in August / August launch of "Bogoxong -1 missiles" (ie, the North Star) from a submarine.

He said Kim Jong-on at the time that the missile, which was launched toward Japan makes Pacific American continent and in the range of North Korean nuclear weapons.

An official at the presidency of the Army Staff of South Korea that the North used apparently "absolutely cold" technique for this rocket, which was first used in 2016 to test the missile, the Sea-to-surface strategic ballistic.

The missile was launched initially capsule gas before burning engine, a safer technique that allows concealing experiment more easily.

The role of the China

Seoul and felt that its northern neighbor aiming through the experience on Sunday, the first of its kind since October, responded to Trump, who promised to do Japan, the main ally of the United States in the region tested, to provide full support to them.

South Korean Defence Ministry was of the view that the test "aims to draw global attention to North Korea across the width of its nuclear and missile capabilities." She added, "we also consider it a provocation aimed at the reaction of the new US administration led by the Trump test".

US President Beijing has urged the main ally and trading partner of North Korea, to exert more efforts to curb Pyongyang's activities.

In Tokyo, government spokesman Yoshihedy Soga said that China plays a role "very important" and urged them "do something constructive."

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Jing Chuang said he opposes the North Korean test that violated UN resolutions.

And regarded Moscow, for its part, said the experiment "proof of the contempt of the UN Security Council resolutions."

But expert Joel Witt of the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, he must expect new provocations by North Korea in response to the upcoming joint military exercises between Washington and Seoul

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