Friday, January 20, 2017

Washington Adopts The Assassination Of One Of Al-Qaeda Officials In Syria

Adopted the Pentagon on Thursday the assassination of al-Qaida official in an air raid in northwestern Syria.

He said ministry spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement, said Mohammed Habib Busadon Tunisian who was killed on January 17 in Idlib province, was "responsible for external operations for al-Qaeda."

Cook said he was "linked to projects terrorist attacks against Western interests."

He noted that Mohamed Habib Busadon Tunisian arrived in Syria in 2014 after "spending many years in several countries in Europe and the Middle East, where he had links with a number of extremists."

And adopted the US Defense Department also killed another member of al-Qaeda in the January 12, it is Abdul Jalil Musalmi strike again been waged in Idlib.

According to the Pentagon, this Tunisian who trained with the Taliban in the late nineties of the last century had a "numerous and ancient links" with al-Qaeda elements who are preparing for "external operations", a phrase meaning attacks.

On January 5 Cook said, "We are continuing our work so as not to be al-Qaida sanctuary in Syria."

Front and controlled open-Sham and factions allied to the bulk of Idlib province and excludes the ceasefire currently in force in Syria agreement under the auspices of Russia and Turkey

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