Tuesday, January 3, 2017

US anger over the shop raises a banner to prevent the entry of Muslims

Lady wearing a vest emblazoned with "Russia" waiting for the passage of the president - elect in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York,  2 / January 2017
Exposed to the grocery store in the state of New Mexico to the US because of the sharp criticism Commenting banners anti-Muslim on its face, including "Obama and other Muslims are not welcome here."

The store is located in the small town Maehel just 265 kilometers southeast of Albuquerque, hanging banners such as this for years, but he was criticized after monitoring one thing visitors to the area and told the television station.

According to a former employee at the store was offset TV "Kay or me," the shopkeeper expelled customers harassed banners.

Marlon McWilliams told the television that the signs "hanging for a long time ... It expels people."

He added that the store owner targeted President Barack Obama and other public figures and sold banners similar to the customers.

And one banner read, "Kill Obama" in large letters with the word "CARE" in lowercase letters, referring to "Obama Care" health care program.

And raised banners storm on social networking sites and many have called for a boycott of the store, while others defended the owner and his right to freedom of expression.

It was not possible to contact the owner of the store, displayed for sale.

Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement in which the store owner called to remove the banners.
A council spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, "despite the fact that for all the right of free expression, and even offensive speech, but I call on the store owner to remove the sign of respect, and for the unity of our people in a time of growing divisions."

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