Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump Praises As "Very Special Relationship" With Britan

President Donald Trump and the British prime minister Theresa May met on Friday to replenish what he called a new US president as "very special relationship" between the two countries.

Trump reiterated its support for the decision to Britain's exit from the European Union, saying that "Britain a free and independent constitute a blessing for the world."

The two leaders in a joint press conference they would work to strengthen trade relations between the United States and Britain, she Mae hopes that contributes to a quick trade agreement with Washington to ease the effects of Brixt, pointing out that Trump had accepted an invitation to pay an official visit to Britain later This year.

Trump announced meanwhile that it was "too early" to talk about lifting sanctions on Russia, on the eve of a telephone conversation to hold with President Vladimir Putin.

For its part, British Prime Minister considered that he should keep sanctions against Russia, said: "We believe that  sanctions should continue," pointing to "moves" Russian "in Ukraine."

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