Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Death Of 20 People In Poland, Italy And The Czech Republic As Result Of Frost Europe

It swept a wave of frost Europe Saturday with degrees polarity heat caused the death of at least 20 people in Poland, Italy, and the Czech Republic, while snow covered the city of Istanbul.

And I saw the Moscow Orthodox Christmas coldest since 120 years with temperatures reaching about 30 degrees below zero at night, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

The reason for this cold wave, which is expected to last until Sunday, due to the polar air masses moved from Scandinavia toward the center of Europe.

He spent 10 people in two days because of the cold in Poland, where temperatures dropped to 20 degrees Celsius below zero in some areas also announced Saturday the government center for national security. The death toll expected to rise at the end of the week as expected to keep temperatures below 20 degrees below zero.

In Italy, it led the cold wave that hit the country on Friday in the death of seven people, including Poles. The victims included five homeless, despite the measures taken last week to receive the homeless before the temperatures can fall to 10 below zero in some places.

Snow fell heavily in central Italy, and also in the Puglia region (southeast), where the closed airports Brindisi and Bari in the morning and even in Sicily, but not in Rome. And cut several lines iron.

In the Czech Republic, three people, including Prada Mushardan spent Friday and Saturday in Prague, where temperatures dropped to 15 degrees below zero.

In Russia, temperatures fell to 24 degrees below zero in St. Petersburg (northwest), where police found the body of a man spent by the cold Friday night
n Turkey, snow paralyzed traffic in Istanbul, where the storm canceled hundreds of flights Saturday. It was housed about six thousand passenger accommodation of the city.

Traffic also stopped at the Bosphorus one of the most world's busiest corridors. The authorities decided to conduct the entire Metro Istanbul the night of Saturday to Sunday to enable people to navigate.

The forecast meteorological snowfall all day Saturday on a retreating storm in the evening. But temperatures will remain below zero in Istanbul in the coming days.

- Immigrants died Prada -
n Bulgaria Friday, villagers found the bodies of two Iraqi immigrants died from the severe cold in a forest in Mount Strandja (southeast), near the border with Turkey.

He was found Tuesday on an Afghan immigrant in twenty years of age died due to cold in northern Greece after he crossed the Greek-Turkish border.

Last month, it was announced by the Greek authorities transferred all migrants and refugees to ready homes and tents with heating.

The temperature reached Saturday in Athens to zero in the north of the country to 15 degrees Celsius below zero.

In Switzerland, last night was very cold and had temperatures in Davos, 19 degrees Celsius below zero in Bern (middle) 15.5 degrees Celsius below zero. The lowest temperatures of this winter Friday morning in Abrevin with 29.9 degrees Celsius below zero at the height of a thousand meters at seven in the morning (06,00 GMT).

The cold wave also hit since Friday Balkans with temperatures up to 27 degrees Celsius below zero, especially in the mountainous areas in Bosnia and southern and eastern Serbia.

Adriatic coast was also affected, especially in the area of Split, Croatia, where temperatures reached on Saturday morning, seven degrees below zero is the lowest in the harbor for more than half a century, also said the National Meteorological Centre.

In France, temperatures dropped at night in the Parisian region ranged between 3 and 11 degrees Celsius below zero.

Germany also saw the night the coldest this winter with a record 26 degrees Celsius below zero in two cities in the province of Bavaria (south) and 25 degrees Celsius below zero in Oberstdorf (South East), while the temperature fell in Berlin to 15 degrees Celsius below zero.

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