Sunday, January 1, 2017

Survivor Of The Attack Istanbul Recounts, "We Were Stepping On Each Other."

Siva Boydas wanted to celebrate the New Year and forget about the attacks witnessed by the year 2016, but ten minutes later he entered the nightclub "Reina" famous in Istanbul claimed the run to escape the chaos that spread after a gunman opened fire on who defend.

Roy Boydas professional player in the club Barabaa football in Istanbul "Once we start to sit near the entrance escalation of smoke and dust and heard heavy gunfire."

Sunday was a time 01.15 (22.15 GMT Saturday) when a gunman disguised Santa Claus opened fire on hundreds of people who came to a long New Year's Eve to celebrate after a policeman and a civilian were killed in front of the entrance. Authorities announced the fall of the 39 people, including at least 15 foreigners.

Boydas which meant the club with good friends "Perhaps the biggest outcome of that because we were stepping on each other."

It depicts a scene in which he narrated Boydas panic that has spread among the pioneers of the club and who have a large number of them jumped into the waters of the Bosphorus to escape the bullets.

Boydas He continued, "when the sound of voices was hit by several women faint whom my girlfriend, Vhmmeltha on my back and started keeping with immediately."

He said "I do not Lardy how I managed to escape. At such moments do not wait. The lead stems from the north Vandfna to the right."

He estimated Boydas who was still under the influence of shock that "nearly 50 people escaped this way."

Police arrived at the scene quickly after obtaining the shooting. Boydas "arrived quickly but they did not control the situation on the spot. Did not know who is the suspected shooter and all of us."

Authorities spoke of a "terrorist" one, but several Turkish media cited "one striker at least a" disguised as Santa Claus. And Interior Minister Suleiman Turkish Susilo said police are still looking for a "terrorist."

Boydas says he did not want to go to the club at the start because he was afraid of a "brawl, anything, a bomb." Last year, Turkey has witnessed several attacks, some aimed at sites frequented by tourists.

But one of his friends told him, "You can not get something similar in the Reina", and then convinced Boydas to go to the club, but added: "I had apprehension ... and I went to him late, after the New Year but the attack was ten minutes after my arrival

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