Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Putin mocks the allegations of spying on Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin scoffed on Tuesday of charges of spying on US President-elect Donald Trump during his stay in Russia, saying that Russian intelligence "does not haunt" Every billionaire, adding sarcastically that he doubted that Trump frequented by prostitutes by Russian-even "if they are the best in the world.".

Putin said at a press conference that Trump had during his visit to Moscow in November 2013, "just a businessman, and one of the largest wealthy America," adding that he did not know then, "so that he had political ambitions."

Putin continued, "therefore, is one that our intelligence agencies are chasing every American billionaire thinks?" He is stressing that he never met with Trump.

According to the report has not been validated and published by several US media, the Russian secret services spied on Donald Trump with a view to a possible extortion.

The American press spoke about a supposed video of a sexual nature image Russian intelligence secretly prostitutes with Trump during a visit to Moscow, the last in 2013.

Putin continued that meant "Trump arrived (to Moscow) and ran immediately to the prostitutes of Moscow," adding that Trump "a person all his life Miss contests systems and deal with the most beautiful women in the world."

And he said, barely hiding his smile, "You know it is hard to imagine that runs to the hotel to meet these girls vulnerable social conscience, even if it were the best in the world."

Putin then quickly returned to his seriousness, stressing that "prostitution terrible social problem."

"But these people who masterminded this type of fraudulent documents, these documents, which are currently aired against the President-elect of the United States, these people who Afberkunha and use it for political ends are worse than prostitutes."

The Russian leader said, "They do not have any moral controls," adding that what they are doing to prove "the low level of the Western elite

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