Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans Demonstrating Against Trump

Hundreds of thousands of Americans, mostly women, Saturday in the United States in the "Women's marches" in defense of civil rights and against the president, Donald Trump, which was inaugurated Friday.

This reflected the demonstrations that met the invitation launched by the Jeddah is Teresa forks via Facebook divide American society income.

Scored the biggest rally in Washington, DC, where organizers raise their estimates for participants from two hundred thousand to 500 thousand people, according to the mayor of Washington assistant Kevin Donahue said.

Hundreds of thousands marched in the capital's Independence Avenue and down to the White House perimeter, marched with thousands of others were unable to get near the courtyard of the headquarters of the Congress (Capitol), which saw Friday's inauguration Trump, the forty-fifth president of the United States.

He joined the demonstrators, former Secretary of State John Kerry, who ended his duties Friday.

Said Kathy Small, 67, coming from Arizona to packing for Trump "was really weak. It's not at all resemble Obama's inauguration while the whole country was genuinely happy."

The New York Times newspaper quoted an expert said Trump has succeeded in mobilizing only about a third of the crowd that attended the inauguration of Barack Obama (1.8 million people) in 2009.

"Hope not fear"

Other demonstrations took place in several Boston and New York (northeast) and Denver (West) and Los Angeles (West).

In Chicago (North) has turned into a march from post Around 250,000 people according to organizers.

Similar marches and collected tens of thousands in other cities, states and Sydney, London and Paris.

And recorded with the participation of hundreds of other demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Montreal.

Grdt and Hillary Clinton, the former democratic competition for Trump address the demonstrators "hope not fear, thank you for Thrkim and you expressed your position for our values. I still believe that we are stronger together."

Ingrson said Giri, who runs a travel agency in Baltimore, told AFP: "Throughout my life, I did not think that the United States will have a president who does not trust him and respect him. The relations with Russia Trabna."

Several dignitaries attended a rally in support of Washington. Said filmmaker Michael Moore, "I do not think (Trump) came to power. The power is here."

She said the actress Scarlett Johansson "respect you (Donald Trump), but I ask to support me, I am my sister and my mother."

The Umrah many demonstrators floral hats have become a symbol of the anti-Trump.

- Bowling at the White House -

But no response has been issued from the new US president in this event, although he said in a tweet: "I am honored to serve you, the great people of America, as a forty-fifth president of the United States."

Trump participated Saturday morning in an ecumenical Mass in Washington Cathedral.

Then exercised the presidential family sport of bowling at the White House, according to what has been written on Twitter son Donald Jr., the new president.

Trump went after the back to CIA headquarters (CIA) in the suburb of Washington, where he "looks forward to thanking the men and women serving in the intelligence agencies," according to his spokesman Sean Spicer.

This involves a visit to the many connotations after Trump criticized intelligence agencies.

It is the first time in forty years, highlights the anti-American tide for a new president.

Barely 24 hours have passed on entering the White House until Trump found himself in the face of categories of Americans come from different backgrounds united by one concern.

In Washington, Michelle Phillips said, 45, who came from Troy in the state of New York, "I can not Support program is based on hatred and lack of tolerance

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