Friday, January 20, 2017

Hollande Denounces Protectionism Advocated By Trump

Francois Hollande visited a textile factory in Gerardmer (Vosges), 20 January 2017
Francois Hollande denounced on Friday in Gerardmer (Vosges) the economic protectionism advocated by "the one who takes the oath" in Washington, evoking without the name the American elected president Donald Trump, his "possible colleague".

Closure of borders as recommended by some, "whoever takes the oath" in Washington, who would like "taxes or duties" to "prevent a certain number of products from coming to the United States" would amount to "challenging" The work ", warned the Head of State during the visit of a textile company.

Speaking also of "one of the possible colleagues (...) who will take the oath today", Francois Hollande recalled that the negotiations on a free trade agreement between the United States and the Union Were "for the moment suspended, in any case, postponed".

"For France, it was not possible to have commercial exchanges, if there was not" (a) recognition of the origin of products, whether agricultural, industrial or cultural, " "He said.

"We are in a global economy, open and it is not possible and desirable to want to isolate ourselves from the world economy," argued Fran├žois Hollande.

That there are rules that avoid distorted competition is quite legitimate "but" we must not imagine France closed to the rest of the world, "he said, He continued, evoking this time in a word the program of the National Front.

"It would be job losses, loss of skills and considerable loss of development for our economy," he added.

The head of state closed a two-day mini-tour in Gerardmer in the Ardennes and Vosges, during which he tried to highlight the record of industrial policy conducted since 2012.

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