Monday, January 2, 2017

Holland: Acting In Iraq, Preventing Terrorism In France

French President Francois Hollande ruled on Monday during a visit to Baghdad that acting against the Islamic State (EI) group in Iraq helps prevent terrorism in France.

"Everything that contributes to the reconstruction in Iraq is as many additional conditions to prevent actions on our own territory from Daech (Arabic acronym of the IA, editor's note)," Says the French head of state in a speech in front of French soldiers who form the Iraqi special forces fighting against the IE.

"Acting against terrorism here in Iraq also means preventing terrorist acts on our own soil and thus avoiding that there may be unfortunate consequences for our compatriots of the degradation that could be this in Iraq," he said. Explained Mr. Hollande during the first stage of his one-day visit to the country.

Within the framework of the international anti-Jihadist coalition, around 500 French soldiers carry out missions of advising, training and supporting artillery to Iraqi soldiers in their struggle to resume territories conquered by the IA in 2014. They do however participate Not directly to the fighting on the ground.

At present, the coalition supports, in particular by air raids, the Iraqi forces in their null to take back the great city of Mosul (north) to the jihadists who occupied it for two years.

"What is at stake is the reconquest of Mosul, and in the coming weeks you must train, support and accompany the Iraqi forces and give them the best advice," the president told French soldiers.

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