Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dead, At Least 30 In A New Massacre In A Brazilian Prison

Dead, At Least 30 In A New Massacre In A Brazilian Prison
Brazilian police said at least thirty people were killed in riots in Alcassoz prison in the northeast of the country, before being able to retake it.

The official said police Ohtacillo de Medeiros in charge of investigating what happened "Surely there are more than thirty people dead."

It is likely to be violence has erupted between two gangs of prisoners vying for the cocaine trade in Brazil.

The previous toll pointed to a dozen people killed.

Police official did not say whether the number includes only thirty people dead prisoners or members of the guards, too.

Olcassoz prison and is the largest state of Rio Grande de Norte prison (north-east).

The Ministry of Public Security said in a statement that security forces were able to regain control of the prison after 14 hours of confrontations and prevented all the prisoners from escaping.

The authorities made it clear that the military police and guardsmen had to wait until dawn to enter the buildings because the prisoners cut off the power supply and they were heavily armed.

These incidents are the latest in a string of violence in Brazilian prisons, where more than a hundred prisoners have died since the beginning of this year.

The authorities make it clear that these massacres are the result of a bloody war between the two gangs Ajrametin largest in the country to control the supply and sale of cocaine, two "capital group" Sao Paulo and "Vermekhaw group" in Rio de Janeiro, and gangs allied with each other.

The organization Human Rights Watch human rights group Thursday condemned the "inhuman conditions in Brazilian prisons."

The works of the Brazilian prisons ratio of 167 percent of official capacity, according to the latest Ministry of Justice figures.

The 56 prisoners were killed early January in Manaus in northern Brazil. Five days after the killing of 31 others in the state of Roraima (north). In the eighth of the same month, four prisoners were killed in another prison in Manaus

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