Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Venezuela Is The 2nd Most Violent Country In The World Behind El Salvador

Venezuela will end 2016 as the second most insecure country on the planet, behind only El Salvador, with a violent death rate ten times higher than the world average - reveals a report released by the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV) (28).

The country ends the year with 28,479 violent deaths, with a rate of 91.8 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the annual study of the OVV. The world average is 8.9 per 100,000.
"2016 was particularly violent," OVV director Roberto Briceño León told a news conference, claiming that only El Salvador has higher levels of killings, with 103 per 100,000.
Of the total deaths, 18,230 are classified as homicides, while 5,281 resulted from clashes between criminals and law enforcement. Another 4,968 are under investigation.

According to NGO estimates, the number of violent deaths in Venezuela continues to increase. There were 27,875 in 2015 (90 per 100,000 inhabitants) and 24,980 in 2014 (82 per 100,000 inhabitants).
No official figures for 2016 have yet been released, but the Public Prosecutor's Office reported the occurrence of 17,778 homicides in 2015 (58.1 per 100,000 inhabitants).
According to the OVV, three states have the worst statistics: Aragua (142 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants), Miranda (140) and Capital District (138).
Caracas is the most violent city in the world, according to the OVV, with 15 times more homicides than Mexico City.
For the NGO, impunity is one of the causes.
"Every 100 murders in the country, there are only between eight and nine arrests," says Briceño León.

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