Thursday, December 1, 2016

Syria: The Plight Of Civilians In Aleppo

The UN Security Council met in emergency at the request of Paris and London to take stock of the humanitarian situation in Aleppo East, where 250,000 people, including 100,000 children, live cut off from the world, without food and hospitals in working condition.
The head of humanitarian operations Stephen O'Brien warned diplomats that without rapid and unanimous action by the board, Aleppo East would soon be a giant cemetery.

Launched from London where he was, calling Stephen O'Brien, head of UN humanitarian operations, sounds like a final plea: "  We call, we beseech Similarly, the parties to the conflict and those who have the influence to do everything possible to protect civilians and to allow access to the besieged part of Aleppo East before it becomes a giant cemetery".

===>> Read At Least 45 Dead In Eastern Aleppo, Mostly Women And Children

25,000 civilians have fled since Saturday rebel neighborhoods under siege that has lasted five months. The injured are sometimes transported on carts vegetables to offset the lack of ambulance. The body count is difficult, dozens may be more; some affected as they fled their suitcase. But the diplomats, like Francois Delattre, the French representative, could only stress their powerlessness: "  Today we see that this advice has again been unable to reach an agreement to save Aleppo-East population. All initiatives of this council have met with the same plea in Russia.  "

Vitaly Churkin, the Moscow representative has once again prevailed against a meeting he described as "  propaganda  " promising to oppose any new resolution on Syria.

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