Saturday, December 17, 2016

Syria, piracy: Obama Breaks The Nail and Charges Russia

During his traditional end of year conference, before flying to Hawaii where he spent the holidays, Barack Obama accused the Kremlin of interference in the recent elections and condemned the savage assault on Aleppo.

For Obama, no doubt about hack the Democratic Central Committee and emails the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, came directly from the top, that is to say, Putin himself " what concerned me particularly was the possibility of hacking the election itself, [on] the counting of ballots. That is why last September when I saw Putin in China, I felt that the safest way to avoid this was to talk to him directly. I told him that he had to stop everything, otherwise, there would be serious consequences. In fact, there was no subsequent manipulation of the electoral process.  "

Only the WikiLeaks site has continued to broadcast pirated e-mails previously.

On the issue of retaliation, US President nevertheless remained very vague: "  Our goal remains to send a clear message to Russia, and other countries: do not do this to us, because we too can react. Part of what can be done will be done publicly, but another part done in such a way that the Russians will know it, but not the rest of the world.  "

Obama also invited Trump, who denies any implication of the Russians in his victory, to cooperate in an investigation on the subject. The chief executive, citing a survey, also entertained the sudden enthusiasm of Republicans to his Russian counterpart: "  Over a third of Republican voters approve of Vladimir Putin, the former KGB chief Ronald Reagan ... Must turn in his grave. "


Obama also mentioned the martyrdom of the population of Aleppo, whose entire responsibility, as the tenant of the White House, the Syrian regime and its allies, Moscow and Tehran: "  The world, at a time when We are talking, is horrified at the savagery of the assault led by the Syrian regime and its Russian and Iranian allies against the city of Aleppo. We have witnessed a deliberate strategy to encircle and starve innocent civilians, medical and human personnel have been targeted uninterrupted whole neighbourhoods have been reduced to dust. These are terrible violations of international law. The responsibility for this brutality lies entirely with the Syrian regime and its allies, Russia and Iran. All these blood and atrocities are on their hands. "

Barack Obama nevertheless expressed regret that he could not do more to end the Syrian crisis, but he believes that under the circumstances he made the best possible decisions in helping the anti-Assad rebels and trying to To find a political rather than a military solution.

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