Sunday, December 18, 2016

Spanish Judiciary Absolves Responsible Took Off Her Shirt Inside Church

Court of Appeal acquitted the Spanish-speaking local council in the capital of Madrid, charged with "desecration of the sanctity of the" house of worship, and after that, I took off her shirt inside the church during the protest.

A court has sentenced Rita Mistry, aged 27, to pay a fine of 4380 euros ($ 4561) for the condemnation of "infringement on the freedom of spiritual and religious beliefs."

But the appeals court ruled that Rita "did not seem out of respect" for the church but did not desecrate the sanctity of its own conduct.

Some of her companions Walker's breasts was deposed during the protest that took place five years ago.
The 50 women had stormed the church in Koppelatenci University, and shouting slogans against the Vatican and advocate for women 's rights.

The women said that the protest was directed against the Catholic Church because of their position chauvinism and anti-democratic.

Mestre has been deposed, a member of the leftist Podemos party's anti-austerity measures and a student of the former head of the extremist party, was stripped of her shirt and remained wears a bra only.

The protest has sparked condemnation in Spain, and Mestre suffered stinging criticism from conservatives.

The court had convicted her in March / last March, but the Court of Appeal Brotha of charge on the basis that not wear enough clothes is not considered a desecration of the sanctity of the church.

Mistry said in a Twitter tweet location social networking, "This is a victory for freedom of expression, and I'm happy and proud.

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