Friday, December 9, 2016

South Korea: Parliament Is preparing To Vote The Impeachment Of The President

A new historic day in South Korea. On Friday 9 December filed an impeachment motion against President Park Geun-hye the day of the vote in the National Assembly. The opposition needs the support of thirty Conservative MPs to topple the head of state mired in a scandal that paralyzed South Korean government for nearly two months now.

This is the largest political and financial scandal ever known, contemporary Korea is also one of the most incredible. Everything starts with the discovery of a tablet in a trash bin in Germany. The laptop belongs to Choi Soonsil , the confidante of the head of state. It contains dozens of speeches of the South Korean president and confidential notes.

Park Geun-hye is it the puppet of his adviser of the shadow that now the media nickname "Rasputin"? Investigators are particularly interested in transfers by the conglomerates on behalf of two Mir and K-Sport foundations belonging to the sulfurous confidante.

Whoever spilled the beans is a former member of the South Korean team saber, a former employee of a gogo-dancer bar and probably former lover Choi Soon-sil. At a public hearing Wednesday, he explained that Choi told him his dog to keep, he had to leave the apartment and they were then violently disputed, hence his decision to speak media.

Korean Drama bad in some way, who brought up two million people in the streets of the country handmade candles . Influence peddling, corruption, scandal affects all sectors of society and points to the excesses of the "chaebol", the large groups owned by the richest families in the country.

Shameful for the image of their country, protesters have pressure until the last moment on parliamentarians to vote impeachment. With the case of "  Choi Gate  " was revived painful memories of the loss of nearly 300 students during the sinking of the mv sewol ferry disaster in 2014. The head of state is accused of having responded inadequately to the tragedy . According to recent polls, eight out of ten South Koreans want the departure of President Park Geun-hye.
The pressure from the street

Faced with a president who refuses to resign, South Korean parties have long argued over what to do. But the pressure of mass demonstrations organized every Saturday forced the parties to act and members of Park Geun-hye camp say they would vote his impeachment.
Our correspondent in Seoul, Frédéric Ojardias , met Park Jin, the organizer of the "Movement for the resignation of Park Geun-hye." An alliance of 1600 civic associations responsible for organizing monumental candlelight vigils which sway the presidency. Last Saturday, they were 1.7 million demonstrators in Seoul , a record.

" If there were not the voices of all those citizens who come out each week in the central square to demand the resignation of the President, this vote of impeachment in Parliament would not have occurred ," says Park Jin.

Once passed the impeachment, it will then be for the Constitutional Court to validate it. "  This court has already taken fallacious decisions in the past. But this time, she will listen to the anger of citizens, first of all. Therefore there is no reason for us racket our candles. You will see our candles shine as will Park Geun-hye in place  , "warns Park Jin.

The Constitutional Court has in theory 180 days to make its decision. But it could do earlier, especially when the results of the survey that the president will be known.

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