Sunday, December 4, 2016

Putin Lauds "Intelligent" Trump Is Expected To Quickly Assume Its Responsibilities As President

Russian President Vladimir Putin, said on Sunday, December 4, 2016, that the US president-elect Donald Trump man "intelligent," expected to quickly become a standard in his new responsibilities.

Putin said in an interview with NTV channel, "the reality that he had succeeded in the business appears to be a smart character." He added, "Since it is intelligent, it means that it will bear quickly and fully the responsibilities that lie ahead."

The Russian president said in November 2016, Putin and Trump agreed in the first telephone contact between them after the election Trump, the need to "normalize" relations, which deteriorated against the backdrop of conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

Putin said in his speech about the Russian Federation, "the case is important to normalize our relations and the development of new bilateral relations because that would be in everyone's interest."

For his part, Trump has repeatedly made positive remarks on Putin expressed his hope to establish a "strong and lasting relationship with Russia."

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