Saturday, December 31, 2016

Put A Former Minister Under The Temporary Custody As Part Of A Political Crisis In South Korea

South Korean former Development and Minister of Health, currently holds the national pension fund administration, Saturday in the temporary custody as part of a resounding investigation on charges of corruption that threatens the main Gwynne Park Hee.

Moon Hyung-pyo has acknowledged during his arrest pending investigation, that he exerted pressure when he was Minister (December 2013-August / August 2015) at the national pension fund, which later became the boss in order to support an exciting merging controversial process as part of Samsung.
And it ordered the Central District Court in Seoul cum temporary confinement requested by the General Prosecutor's Office, also announced Yonhap news agency Saturday.

This is one of the consequences of the gradual political crisis could lead to the ouster of which Parliament voted with President sacked the beginning of December. This note is still needed approval from the Constitutional Court.

The major powers that have been transferred to the Prime Minister during this period, is accused of colluding with her friend Choi Sun torrent which currently sits in jail on charges of exploiting their relationship Bpark to extort huge sums of major South Korean companies, including Samsung.

As part of the scandal is suspected of "Samsung" group that bribed Choi, friendly main Park 40 years ago, to get the government's approval of a controversial merger carried out in 2015.

This convergence was at the time an important step to ensure a peaceful transition of power at the top of the group to calculate the heir Lee Jae-yong.

The Hil Industries, the holding company of the group, bought C & T, Samsung branch, which is active in the sectors of trade and construction. But the shareholders of C & T have announced the merger intense opposition, under the supervision of the American Elliott Fund for speculation, considering that the operation reduced the value of the company and abused their shareholders.

As part of the investigation, it is revealed that the moon is close to the President, hovering suspicions of putting pressure on the national pension fund, the large shareholder of Samsung, to accept the merger.

Some media reported that investigators want to listen to in January to benefit Lee Jae-yong even know if instructed or not to "Samsung Electronics' officials to pay millions of dollars to institutions supervised by shui, as opposed to the national pension fund support for the merger contentious.

He said the heir to the Samsung finally parliamentary commission of inquiry that he was not aware of any conversion. But the sudden Toekh and his answers during the public hearing, unsettled Representatives, and taunt people.

And it seemed to Samsung, the leading conglomerate in South Korea, the most generous by giving Shui institutions 20 billion won ($ 17 million), followed by Hyundai SPA Kay and LG and Lotte.

The family-controlled conglomerates giant, for decades the South Korean market in the export-driven economy, and is the fourth in Asia.

Denied industrial subsidiaries to pay money in exchange for services, but hinted that they often come under pressure, at the highest levels of power

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