Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pro-Assad's Forces Consolidated Their Positions In The Old City Of Aleppo

Paris, London, Washington asking a truce in Aleppo, where they denounced a "humanitarian catastrophe". Contacts should resume this Thursday, December 8 between Russians and Americans. Since the new offensive by pro-Assad forces to retake rebel areas, more than 350 civilians were killed. And the advance of the troops continues in the east of the city, the part that insurgents controlled for four years.

Pro-Assad's forces consolidated the positions they have taken on Tuesday, December 6 in the last quarters of the Old City of Aleppo that the rebels were holding. The army and the Syrian or foreign allied militias now controls most of the historic center, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says even they have taken all.

According to opposition activists still in place, heavy shelling targeted the rebel area, now stationed in the southeast of Aleppo. For its part, the official news agency Sana says rockets, this time initiated by the insurgents targeted the western districts under military control. On both sides of the frontline victims of a condition is made.

Faced with the rapid advance of the troops of the regime, several anti-Assad factions called for a truce . A truce that should, according to them, the evacuation of the wounded are in critical condition, and that civilians wishing to leave the east of Aleppo. But this call was not joined by all the insurgents. And fighters are not statements of surrender.

The pro-regime camp has even less intention of accepting a truce that is about to take control of the whole of Aleppo, the second city of Syria. It would, according to Assad, "a  huge step towards ending the conflict  ." This is what the president says a Syrian daily.

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