Monday, December 26, 2016

Neymar: "I Do Not Play Football To Win The Golden Ball"

"I do not play football to win the Golden Ball," said Brazilian Barca Neymar, 5th of the 2016 edition won by Cristiano Ronaldo, on Monday, indicating to have made this distinction in "one of Its objectives ".

"If I do not win the Golden Ball, it's  ok", said the Barcelona striker in an interview published on Monday on the official website of the Liga, two weeks after failing to appear among The three finalists of the Golden Ball 2016, won for the 4th time by Cristiano Ronaldo.

"I do not play football to win the Golden Ball, I play football to be happy and because I love it. Unfortunately, there is only one winner," he added. "Of course, this is one of my goals but I will not die if I do not win it."

Fifth in 2016, third in 2015, the Brazilian prodigy must bow before an ultra-dominant duo: since 2008, no trophy has escaped Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, winners four and five times respectively of the greatest individual distinction Issued in football.

Placed this year behind his two partners Leo Messi (2nd) and Luis Suarez (4th) in the classification, the 24-year-old Brazilian nevertheless satisfied his relationship with the two South Americans.

"It is strange because we are Brazilian, Argentinian and Uruguayan, and therefore rivals in our respective countries," he said. But I do not know what happened: we have a great friendship, we Let's spend our time joking together. It makes me very happy that there are people like that in football. "

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