Friday, December 9, 2016

Man Arrested For Hitting A Traffic Policeman Before Taking Flight

The elements of Fez Police under the Fez-Jdid Dar Dbibegh district recently arrested an individual for collided with his vehicle an officer before running to escape, are we told to the wilaya safety regional Fez.

The officer, who was in office at Fez-Jdid, was violently struck by a light car of the respondent who fled after committing his crime, did it the same source, adding that the policeman was evacuated to the hospital to receive the necessary care.

The investigation then identified the accused, who had disappeared from circulation after his crime. Assiduous monitoring hated near his home was required to report voluntarily to the police to confess to the charges against him.

The accused was taken into custody for further investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor.

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