Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hundreds Of Thousands Are Demonstrating For The Sixth Time, Demanding The Resignation Of President

 Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans Saturday matched for the sixth straight week, demanding the resignation of President Park Guen-are implicated in a corruption scandal and favoritism, ahead of a parliamentary vote to dismiss.
Organizers estimated that a record number of 1.6 million people took part in a demonstration in the capital, Seoul candles, while police said 320,000 people took part in the demonstration. The demonstration came hours after the submission of the three main South Korean opposition parties to parliament a memorandum demanding the resignation of the President.

The MoU was signed, which accuses the president that it violated the Constitution .171 deputies out of 300 in parliament, according to news agency Yonhap News, it is scheduled to be voted on next Friday. 

The opposition and independent enjoys a majority in parliament (171 out of 300 seats). But to be approved, it is assumed that you get a note of dismissal on the support of two-thirds of the House of Representatives, and this means that the opposition needs to support about thirty deputies from the ruling party. Millions of Koreans and came out in recent weeks, demanding the president resign. 

The scandal centered around friendly Park, Choi Sun torrent that stopped on charges of exploiting her friendship with President leading the country's companies to blackmail and interference in the affairs of the state do not have an official position. The public prosecutor accuses the president of "complicity." 

And place a few weeks ago massive demonstrations every Saturday to demand the resignation of the President. The ruling party in South Korea's demand Thursday that the president agrees to step down in April next in preparation for early elections in June. And it approved the 128 "Saeanora" House Party Park (New Frontier), unanimously approved the idea of grace the main one week to accept this offer and will be subject only to the dismissal procedures humiliating. 

Alliances change A week ago, it seemed to get enough support from the "Saeanora 'Party (BNP) Park is guaranteed, but the new park proposal Bkadim resignation led to enhance the strength of its supporters within the party who insist on allowing them to step down voluntarily. The Yonhap news agency quoted the leader of the party bloc in parliament, Chung Jin-suk as saying that "all the parliamentarians of the party agreed to this timetable unanimously." 

He added that this table is the best to ensure a transition of power without clashes, and allows for the various parties enough time to prepare for the presidential elections. The MP said the party president Kim Moo-sung, who was supported dismiss "If you agree with the President to leave, there would be no need to dismiss."

 "If the opposite happens, we will have no other choice but to participate in the voting Friday to dismiss a note." And he gave the president until next Thursday to give its response to the House of Representatives. Hundreds of activists in front of the ruling party "Saeanora" headquarters led by Park at an early demonstration, such as the mass demonstration. Goh said Doo-hwan, 45, an accountant, "Park is lying when she says she Sttnhy voluntarily. Dismiss the only remaining option." For his part, cited Chung Doo-suk, 54, "I do not consider our President Park anymore.

Them to leave immediately." Long-term process And he announced the South Korean president on Tuesday, November to 272,016, it is ready to step down before the end of its mandate in 2018 and that the Parliament is the decision-maker. It can not be the main prosecution in South Korea in a criminal case, except for treason or rebellion, but the immunity falls at the end of its mandate. Even if Parliament approved dismiss, Park may remain in power for a period of remarkable. 

The memorandum will be forwarded dismissal, if adopted by the House of Representatives, to the Constitutional Court for approval, a procedure that can take up to six months. However, the opposition saw as a maneuver to gain time and avoid dismiss in a degrading manner. The demonstration went Saturday to the blue house the headquarters of the South Korean presidency and led by 50 protesters waving torches wounds. 

After the court order, the police allowed the demonstrators to approach to a distance of 100 meters from the home and offices Park. In addition to the capital, it marched 40 thousand people in the city of Daegu southeast of the country, which is a stronghold of the Park. Park has pledged to respond to questions of public prosecutors and independent commission of inquiry formed by the parliament. But it retreated later rejected her lawyer appointments proposed by the public prosecutor of the hearings. 

She also drew the charge to a number of former advisers, as well as to a large musical director for movies comic, on suspicion that he took advantage of his relations with Choi for contracts from government agencies and private companies.

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