Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Germany: 12 Dead And 48 Wounded In The Terrorist Truck Attack In Berlin

The attack on the truck rally in the market for the Christmas holiday on Monday evening in the German capital that "probable terrorist attack" left at least 12 people dead and 48 injured.
It is noteworthy that attack which occurred on 14 July, in Nice, southern France when a truck ran over a small crowd accumulated there in the French National evening Day.

Police said early on Tuesday morning on Twitter that "our investigators believe that the truck driver deliberately directed towards the crowd in the Christmas holiday market," noting that it was investigating the "likely a terrorist attack."

The German Interior Minister Thomas de Mezieres announced overnight that there are "many reasons" to believe that the process of run-over attack, had been entrusted with the investigation to federal prosecutors authorised for terrorism cases.

The minister added that there were also "many reasons" to believe that the suspect, who was arrested was actually quite the facts truck driver registered in Poland, which broke into a holiday Christmas markets, the most densely populated with people in Berlin at around 20.00 (19.00 GMT ) on Tuesday evening.

The news agency "DPA" German sources in the security services that the man may be Pakistani or Afghan, and thought it arrived in Germany as an asylum seeker in February 2016. Police refused to comment on this information.

Dominated by fears of major attacks on the political debate in Germany over a year ago. Right-wing populists believe that Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered the country at risk while opened the doors of immigration in 2015 in front of nearly 900,000 asylum-seekers, particularly from conflict zones such as Syria.

According to a provisional toll of Monday's attack for at least 12 dead and 48 wounded people that were in critical condition were taken to the hospital.

There was no information about the identity of the victims and the police show that only one Polish dead body was found in the truck.

There was no immediate reaction from Merkel in the hours that followed the attack, but her spokesman wrote on Twitter that it "is in mourning," of the dead.

"Plod simply"

She recounted an Australian tourist named Trisha O'Neill Network "radio and television Australian body" "I saw all those black truck huge storm the market and hit a large number of people, then all the lights went out and everything was destroyed."

She continued that there was "blood and dead bodies everywhere," including the corpses of children and the elderly, noting that it "broke down crying."

The attack took place in front located on a commercial street Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which is witnessing the greatest movement in the western part of the German capital.

And he watched the journalists told AFP at the site of the attack wooden poles were broken and Accessories for Holiday Birth scattered on the ground and tree festival at least one upside down, while the ambulances and fire engines and police deployed around the place and the difference shall treat the wounded and the dimensions of the crowds of curious.

He said tourists at the scene told AFP he did not know if the driver was "drunk" or deliberately run over the crowd, "but he did not try to stop, but he continued his way simply."

The Polish company that owns the truck owner told AFP disappearance Saigaht. Ariel Zurawski said "we lost contact with him since the afternoon. I do not know what is happening to him. It's my cousin, I knew since childhood."

Rolled reactions declared solidarity with Germany, as Europe regularly subjected to attacks adopted by jihadist groups.

French President Francois Hollande and declared that "the French share the mourning Germans" while the White House strongly condemned "what appears to be a terrorist attack."

Isolated attacks

US President-elect Dan and Donald Trump, "Islamic terrorists" who attack "continuously Christians."

A similar tragedy in Berlin Nice attack in July, when a Tunisian drove his truck into the seaside promenade in this coastal city, about two kilometres away, targeting a crowd of civilians, killing 86 people and wounding more than 400 before being killed by police. The organisation adopted the Islamic state assault.

Germany and remained so far spared the massive jihadist attacks, but recently several separate attacks carried out by Islamist isolated people saw.

The organisation adopted the Islamic state in July two attacks were carried out by separate Syrian in the 27-year-old and an asylum seeker is likely that in the 17 Afghans, one by a bomb and the other with knives, and which left several wounded.

It is also suspected that the boy Germany, 12-year-old Iraqi tried to blow up a bomb in a market for Christmas holiday in November to the end of the motives believed to be a jihadist, on what the German authorities announced on 19 December / December, describing the case as "scary."

In October / October Syrian committed suicide in jail after his arrest, investigators reported that he was preparing for an attack on the airport in Berlin.

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