Saturday, December 17, 2016

France Presents Draft Humanitarian Resolution At UN

France presented a draft humanitarian resolution to the UN Security Council. The text, which has not yet been fully finalised, provides for the deployment of international observers to ensure the safe evacuation of some 40,000 civilians, who according to the UN are still besieged in the rebel- Aleppo. Russia has already raised points of contention in this text.

France is trying to pass a draft humanitarian resolution to the UN, but Russia does not really hear that. The first point of contention raised by Moscow this text is size: the cease-fire and the evacuation of civilians have so far stalled in Aleppo East. It will, therefore, be necessary to return to a Turkish-Russian agreement and its allies before being able to advance on the ground of the humanitarian.

But Paris wants to go fast and suggested text, backed by the Americans, which could be voted upon this weekend to " avoid a new Srebrenica ". He calls for the safe evacuation of civilians under the protection of international observers who could, in fact, be UN staff already in Syria and redeployed to Aleppo. This resolution would also guarantee the delivery of humanitarian aid as well as the protection of hospitals and medical personnel.

"It's already that Russia is on the ground," responded the Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin to the United Nations has nonetheless promised to study the text " if it were a reasonable initiative ". The Russians already have six vetoes on resolutions related to the Syrian conflict.

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