Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Donald Trump's Empire And Potential Conflicts Of Interest

Donald Trump has decided to postpone his press conference on its activities, originally scheduled for Thursday 15th December. Part 500 Approved Companies "Trump" could be led by two of his son.
Since the election of Donald J. Trump surprise the media, lawyers or even American politician
questioned the compatibility of its future obligations in the White House and his private interests.

The financial and real estate empire of Donald Trump extends to South Korea, including through Turkey, the UAE, Azerbaijan, China, Taiwan or the Philippines. The businessman has signed many contracts are in real estate and luxury hotels.

To repay loans

This is a beautiful collection of buildings, hotels, golf courses and brands distributed in the US and around the world. The Trump Organization is present in twenty countries, including the US friends, but also enemies. Some of these companies are associated with local politicians, especially in India.

To achieve these countless projects, Trump has borrowed a lot of money, especially at Deutsche Bank in which he still owes $ 350 million. But the German bank is in the crosshairs of US authorities that afflicted him a fine for his role in the crisis "subprime" in 2008. These same bodies will they be more lenient in Trump? A potential conflict of interest among others.

Truce new contracts

In two tweets, the president-elect that he will give up his affairs before 20 January to entrust them to two of his son, Don and Eric, which will be supported by the company's executives.

The billionaire has, in any case, promised that he would not sign new contracts during his tenure. But his empire remains, and the question of fees, grants, or other benefits such as nudges granted by a foreign power. US law prohibits the for civil servants, including the tenant of the White House. But everything is a matter of interpretation in these texts, and the US Congress for the time being acquired Trump, plays a central role.

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