Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cuba: The Funeral Procession Of Fidel Castro Stopped In Santa Clara

In Cuba, the journey of the urn containing the ashes of Fidel Castro began this Wednesday, November 30th from the Revolution Square in Havana, leading to Santiago de Cuba, where he will be buried on Sunday.
The procession went through the iconic streets of the capital and the roads south of the country, passing through the villages of the reconquest of Fidel Castro and his "bearded": Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara where the procession passes the night. Santa Clara a city emblematic of the revolution but also a city that vibrates music trovadores.

Santa Clara is the emblematic city of resistance "bearded" headed by Che Guevara. Here the Revolution Square is called elsewhere instead of Che, said Rolando BerrĂ­o, a singer-songwriter well known in Santa Clara.

" This is an iconic city, with fights very linked to the triumph of the revolution. Here lie the remains of Che Guevara with its guerrillas inside the monument there. The ashes of Fidel must stay one night and a vigil was held overnight. It is a city that counted in this period, [where there was] one of the last major battles. I was born in 1972, and for me Fidel is my father, my mother, for whom everything was given to me. "

It is also the city of the musical culture of trovadores as "Roly" Berrio accompanying this Wednesday evening a singer and a guitar, while mourning plunged the country into silence. " It was time that we hear songs devoted to this moment. Because Cuba is an island sounds. And I think with the sounds one can also silences , "says the musician.

As the procession reaches the place after midnight, the crowd chants slogans in praise of the man who ruled the country for over fifty years.

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