Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blow Of Theater In Berlin: The Author Of The Attack Probably On The Run

The Berlin police said on Tuesday that the driver of the truck responsible for the bloody attack on a Christmas market was "probably" on the run after initially claiming to have arrested the alleged perpetrator, a Pakistani migrant.

The drama, described as a "terrorist act" by Chancellor Angela Merkel and occurred in a Germany hitherto untouched by massive bombings, killed 12 people and injured 48, of which 18 seriously, according to the latest report.

He recalled by his circumstances the attack on the truck ram of July 14 in Nice in France, the evening of the national holiday (86 dead).
The confusion and fears of the people of Berlin remain great in the aftermath of the attack and security measures have been reinforced in the city.

The person presented as a suspect was arrested shortly after the events, which occurred Monday around 19H00 GMT on a very tourist square in Berlin. He was prosecuted on foot for two kilometres by a witness who was guiding the police by telephone, according to the daily Die Welt.

"Rolling on people"

Before the doubts were raised by the police, Angela Merkel considered it "particularly difficult to imagine" the possible involvement of an asylum seeker, while criticisms of her migration policy redoubled
"These are the deaths of Merkel!" Denounced one of the leaders of the right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AFD), Marcus Pretzell.

"Germany is no longer safe" against "the terrorism of radical Islam", added the figurehead of the movement, Frauke Petry, challenging the decision of the Chancellor to open the country to the " Summer of 2015 to nearly 900,000 asylum-seekers fleeing war and misery. An additional 300,000 arrived in 2016.

Ms Merkel went in the afternoon with some of her ministers to the scene of the drama to participate in a minute's silence before visiting the debris-covered site and signing a book of condolences.
The carnage took place at the foot of the Church of Remembrance, the lighthouse monument of the west of the German capital with the bell-tower disembowelled by the bombing of the Second World War. The truck, windscreen destroyed by shocks, was removed Tuesday morning.

"He literally pulverised the first wooden hut," a Bosnian-born Lana Sefovac, who had a drink with her parents, told N1. "He drove directly on us, but at one point he turned because he was not targeting our hut but the crowd, he wanted to ride on people."

Frenzied by the high-speed trailer, his parents fell but managed to get up. "We were all trying to find our relatives and friends." A minute earlier, they drank hot wine together, and immediately they lay blood on the ground.
Among the deceased victims, six are German, according to the police. The identifications of others continue.

Meanwhile, another deceased man, found in the cab of the truck, is a Polish citizen killed by a bullet, most likely the driver of the vehicle to which he was undoubtedly robbed by the perpetrator of the attack.

"Use a large vehicle"

In Germany, the flags of public buildings were lowered to half-mast, a ceremony was held at 11:00 am GMT at St. Hedwig's Cathedral and a minute of silence will be observed Tuesday and Wednesday in all stadiums of the Bundesliga.

Solidarity reactions have multiplied, from France to the United States, while Europe is regularly the target of attacks claimed by jihadist groups.

The drama of Berlin recalls the attack in Nice in France in July, when a Tunisian had driven with his heavy weight on the Promenade des Anglais for nearly two kilometres, killing 86 people, before being shot down by the police, an attack claimed by the IA.

The use of vehicles, especially trucks, to rush into crowds of "disbelievers" has long been advocated by jihadists.

Germany had so far been spared by massive attacks, but several attacks had recently been committed by isolated individuals.

In July, the IA claimed two separate attacks that resulted in several injuries and were committed by a 27-year-old Syrian and a 17-year-old asylum-seeker, probably Afghan.

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