Friday, December 2, 2016

55 Countries On The "World Heritage In Danger", Mostly In Areas Of Armed Conflict

Included on the list of the United Nations Organization "UNESCO" of endangered sites "55 sites," experts fear that the claim by wars or natural disasters, and allows the inclusion of a site on the list of endangered sites to mobilize international support to save it and keep it.

The World Heritage Committee included in its fortieth session, which was held last July in Turkey, new sites in a number of countries, such as Mali and Uzbekistan on the list of endangered sites, added to the five sites based in Libya damaged or feared to be affected by the armed conflict in this country .

According to the UNESCO definition, the seed site that in the uncertain risk "be subject to the threat of an imminent specified, but the site" threatened "is the one who may be susceptible to hurt its value.

And we show you examples of endangered sites:

Afghanistan: Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan, which are included in the list in 2002, and the valley of Bamiyan where the runway in 2003.

Minaret of Jam in Shahrak district in Afghanistan, the first World Heritage Site of UNESCO in Afghanistan in 2002.
Ancient city of Palmyra
Syria: The ancient cities of Aleppo (2013) and Bosra Sham (2013), Damascus (2013), the Krak des Chevaliers and Saladin Citadel (2013), and destroy (2013), and the ancient cities of the North (2013)

The historic city of Samarra

Iraq: the city of Ashur (2003), and the effects of Hatra (2015), and the effects of the historic city of Samarra.

Jerusalem's Old City walls.
Jerusalem: Jerusalem's Old City and its walls (1982)

Archaeological city of Shibam in Hadramaut

Yemen: ancient city of Shibam in Hadramaut and its wall (2015), Old Sana'a (2015), and the ancient city of Zabid (2000)

Timbuktu in Mali

Mali: Tomb of Askia (2012), and Timbuktu (2012), and reap the (2016

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