Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Young Players Sexually Abused, Chelsea Opens Investigation

Chelsea has hired a law firm to investigate one of its former employees "in the 1970s", now deceased, suspected of committing sexual assaults on young footballers, the club Londoner announced on Wednesday.

Chelsea wrote in a statement "The club also reached the FA (English Football Association, Ed) in order to ensure that any aid it would be made in his general survey. This means transmitting to the FA information that the investigation of the club would update ".

According to the Daily Telegraph Tuesday, Chelsea would have paid a former player of one of its youth teams, in exchange for his silence about the sexual assault of which he was the victim, from a recruiter, Eddie Heath, recruiter for the "Blues" from 1968 to 1979.

British football has faced for several days at an unprecedented pedophilia scandal, while a score of former players, including international, revealed to have been victims of sexual assault.

For its part, the FA opened an inquiry entrusted to the lawyer Kate Gallafent, a specialist in child protection.

On Thursday, the president of the federation Greg Clarke had estimated on SkySports that this scandal was the "biggest crisis" ever for English football.

Police opened several investigations, including London and Manchester in the regions, Cambridge, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Scotland.

A total of 250 people have contacted the police in England and Wales.

More than 50 people have called the line specially set up by one of the largest child protection associations, the NSPCC.

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